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We help non-profits spend money more efficiently.

There are over 1.5 million non-profits in the United States that rely on individual donations to stay operational. These non-profits can spend upwards of 10-30% on marketing & payment processing.

As the Donator

By searching & donating to non-profits through UnifyChange, we help organizations reduce the cost of marketing & payment processing to get the most out of your donated money.

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When donating through UnifyChange you can be assured that your personal & credit information is protected.

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Narrow down your search by filtering organizations based on location. Browse local and national charities by zip code, city, or state.


Discover organizations & projects that make a specific influence on disaster relief or emergency response funds.

Administrative Cost

Filter non-profit organizations based on how efficiently they spend donated money.

Industry Categories

We understand that everyone has different interests when it comes to donating. Skip the hassle of sorting through hundreds of organizations & narrow your search down by a specific non-profit sector.

Non-Profit Projects

To inspire innovation UnifyChange has developed a unique way for charitable organizations to create projects that are tailored to solving a specific problem. Search for organizational projects and make a direct impact in solving real-world issues.

Community Giving

Discover what non-profits will turn your donations to a physical impact such as building homes or purchasing goods for local community food banks.

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Stay informed with automatic updates.

Receive updates on organizations you follow. Track their history, recent news and upcoming events all through your UnifyChange account. The best part, it’s free to join!

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Create donating goals that are tailored to your budget and lifestyle.



Stay updated on the latest details from non-profits around the country to see what projects and events they are working on.



Narrow your search down using any of our various exploration tools.


At UnifyChange We Take Donations Serious

Monitor how charitable organizations spend your donated money. Filter and choose charities based on administrative cost, program expenses, and charitable fund size to maximize the potential of your charitable donation.

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