Who We Are

UnifyChange is a company designed to help increase awareness for charities, foundations, and non-profits while providing a secure donating platform. Founded in 2014, UnifyChange is dedicated in helping to connect and improve the experience of all individuals donating. We have created a safe and reliable platform where charitable organizations and people can come together in harmony to help solve humanitarian interest.

What Makes Us Different?


We're a team driven by one goal.

“To create an effective platform that connect donators and non-profits together in a easy and reliable way”

With over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the United States, we understand it can be difficult finding the right one. Many non-profits don’t have the economic resources required to develop a web presence, market effectively, or safe and securely process donations. This has created an imbalance in the non-profit sector with an estimated 100,000+ non-profits closing every two years. At UnifyChange, we help provide the tools donators need to donate successfully.


We let you be the judge.

Non-profits come in different sizes, industries, new and old. Unlike other platforms that evaluate non-profits and only choose the top 1% we let you do the judging. Choose the right organization based on the factors that impact you not an analyst.


Non-profits spend less to get more.

We help non-profits get the most out of your donation by cutting administrative cost and reducing marketing and payment processing fees. UnifyChange has developed a dynamic platform that provides tools to non-profits to help increase productivity and reduce spending.


We're adding non-profits everyday!

Can’t find the non-profit your looking for? No problem, unlike other platforms, UnifyChange has developed a unique algorithm to search, filter, and provide you with the most up to date non-profits.

Meet the Team

Matthew Lynch
Matthew Lynch


Aditya Uppukonduru
Aditya Uppukonduru


Maggie Sabo

Operations & Marketing

Doug Bitter
Doug Bitter


A few Reasons

Our Story

Whether it be having a sibling who is faced with a mental or physical disorder, a loved one who has passed away from a terminal disease, a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer, or even a feline friend who has been rescued from a shelter, the team at UnifyChange has been impacted by non profits all over the world trying to find a cure, or raise money for a cause to help those who have similar experiences to ours. Everyone knows about the American Red Cross or about breast cancer awareness month. Well what about your local homeless shelter, or testing centers worldwide. Unifychange helps those non profits, big and small, local and nationwide, get recognized while giving donors the ability to choose where they want their money to go. Donating to help the world around us should not be a hassle. It should be quick, easy, and effective. As members of UnifyChange, we have come together to reach one common goal: help people search and donate to non profits that impact them the most, while helping non profits make the most of everyone's dollar in order to maximize the ability to help the world around us.