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    We have developed a powerful platform that connects individual donators like yourself to a community of non-profits. By signing up and donating through UnifyChange you are personally helping non-profits reduce the cost of marketing and payment processing.

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    By joining UnifyChange, you will gain access to thousands of local and national charities. You can tailor your search for non-profits in ways that make sense to you. Donate to specfic non-profit projects such as discovering an enzyme that could cure cancer or by a non-profits community involvement such as building homes or supply food for a local shelter.

  • Donate in a safe and secure way.

    When you donate your money to a non-profit how do you know your credit information is safe? Many non-profits are unable to maintain a safe and reliable payment processing system due to the cost and evolving internet security threats. By donating through UnifyChange not only are you protecting your own credit information, you are reducing the cost non-profits spend to receive charitable donations.

  • Receive a tax-deductible receipt.

    We realize it’s hard to keep tax-deductible receipts together. Every donation you make at UnifyChange is conveniently saved and accessible through your account. It’s as easy as login, request your receipt, and download it to your computer.

  • Stay in touch with your organizations.

    We realize that getting involved with a non-profit is more than just a donation. It symbolizes your passion and desire to make a difference in something that impacts you. At UnifyChange continue your passion by staying up to date with your non-profits. Never miss a moment by monitoring their progress, track recent news, and view upcoming events.

Making a Difference

When you donate through UnifyChange you help non-profits reduce wasteful spending and increase administrative productivity.
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